Yummi Lee

First Impressions

Yummi Lee poses in all manner of sexy outfits on her site if the tour is any indication. You´ll see many pictures of her in the free area and her ass is utterly awesome in each of them. She will take your breath away and blow your mind and generally make a horny man, at least if my experience is any indicator. She likes bikinis a lot and she dresses up in the occasional lusty lingerie set. I´m most interested in her simply because she´s Asian. You don´t find tons of young Asian ladies with their own sites so it´s a pleasure to spend some time with her.

Hot Promises

Yummi Lee says she´s an Asian girl that loves to soak up the sun and she promises you all sorts of sexy poses in her member´s area. All the content is exclusive and in addition to her favorite bikinis she models lots of hot outfits. She promises to tease a whole bunch but she doesn´t make it clear if there´s any nudity. It could be that she strips everything off and keeps her titties covered. She also promises high resolution images, iPod ready video clips, downloads, her personal email address and bonus content. At the very least you´re going to be aroused by her incredible body and that might be more than enough.


Young Asian model Yummi Lee has a lovely member´s area that´s well designed and fits with the image she´s projecting. It´s cute and colorful and the fact that it´s easy to use is the best part. The latest updates are listed on the main page and they say you get something new 1-2 times a week but they´re lying. Yummi Lee was launched in 2007. That´s three years ago. There are currently 33 picture galleries and 13 videos. If she was really updating with the frequency the site claims the member´s are would be enormous. Instead they just peel content sets off the end of the list and add them as new. They probably keep a certain number in hiding so it feels like you´re getting new content for a few months. This is a particularly shameful behavior since it -likely tricks a few people into sticking around for a few months thinking that she´s still around and producing lots of fresh content.

The member´s main page features the ?latest updates? along with links to the hottest picture sets and videos. I assume when they say hot they mean the most popular. You´ll also find the form for sending Yummi and email but something tells me she won´t be getting back to you. The bonus sites and wallpapers are listed as well. Along the top of just about any page on the site you´ll find the nav bar that takes you to the various content sections.

As I mentioned, there are 33 picture galleries. These galleries are listed six to a page with a thumbnail preview and a short description that´s usually not very helpful. They´re displayed as thumbnailed galleries like any other and you can control the size of those thumbs with links at the top of the gallery. The pictures look really nice at 1500px and they open in a new window or tab when you click on them. You can download any gallery in a zip file for safe keeping, which helps to mitigate the annoyance of no updates.

The Yummi Lee picture galleries are chances for her to display her gorgeous body and her favorite outfits. Most of the sets have 50-80 pictures and the photography is excellent. Pictures are crystal clear and the lighting is typically really good. It makes the content that much easier to appreciate.

I counted seven bikini galleries in the Yummi Lee photo galleries and they all look beautiful. A girl with a tight and sexy body like hers should really be posing in the skimpiest outfits possible. Most of those galleries are outdoors, too. The one at the beach where she plays in the sand is my favorite. Most of the time you won´t see Yummi´s naked body. There are a few sets where her nipples slip out but that´s typically an accident. Obviously she keeps her young Asian pussy hidden too.

In addition to bikinis you´ll see her posing in a few lingerie sets. I was hoping there would be more, honestly. She has a body that´s clearly made for lacy things but I guess she wanted to shy away from something overtly sexual. She´s definitely more of a cute, non-nude model type. You´ll see her in several very simple outfits like a t-shirt and shorts or tank top and jeans. The entertainment is in seeing her tease with her hot body. It´s clearly a big time tease site. She says it turns her on to tease guys and she backs that assertion up with her behavior in the member´s area.

There are 13 Yummi Lee videos to check out. They can be downloaded at 640x480 and 1000kbps in WMV format and the occasional video comes in MPEG at roughly the same size. They offer a streaming version but it´s in an embedded Windows Media Player and that technology sucks. I couldn´t get the videos to play, in fact (that might be a browser issue) but they downloaded just fine.

The videos piggyback on her picture galleries and they´re typically shot while the photographer is snapping pictures of her. They work to make them interesting so you´re not just staring at a girl standing still but it´s still not nearly as exciting as if she was actually acting to the camera. Yummi has a terrific body though and the chance to see it in action is one you shouldn´t pass up if you join. Just don´t count on the movies to blow your mind.

Members get access to three bonus sites. All three sites are relatively small and are no longer updated but when you put all four together you have something that´s worth the money they´re asking. Two sites are solo babes: Naughty Paige and Lil Emily are teasing babes just like Yummi. The other is a candid picture site that focuses on girls with hot asses.

Croco´s Opinion

Yummi Lee has delivered a decent tease porn site for fans of young Asian babes. She poses in bikinis, the occasional lingerie set and lots of outfits that are typical for girls her age. She lets you admire her outfits and body from every angle and will typically strip some of her clothing off without showing her nipples or pussy. It´s classic tease action so be prepared for that if you´re interested in her. The picture galleries are great looking at 1500px and the photography is top notch. The videos are a little less thrilling at 1000kbps and since they´re just filmed versions of photo shoots they´re not different enough to be hugely entertaining. The three bonus sites are a big help in making the site feel valuable. The lack of updates works hard against that notion and annoys me a great deal. It´s not a great site because it´s so small. If you love Yummi and the bonus sites then it´s a good purchase.


The site is easy to get around in almost every way. There´s a real lack of information about the videos with just one preview picture and a brief title for each.

Pricing Policy

One month will cost you $24.95 and you can subscribe for three months at a time for $65.95.

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